All dogs can benefit training. Dogs instincively want to follow and not lead. Without leadership they will attempt to fulfil that role themselves often leading behaviour problems and a need for therapy. However, a dog with correct training is a happy hound and a content dog leads to a content owner and a perfectly balanced life for both.

If you are unsure as to what training is most suitable for you and your companion or you have a particularly complex circumstances a consultation may be necessary prior to commencing training.

As well as training your dogs in the following areas SWATT Dogs also offers pre-trained dogs available to buy. Please check out the Our Dogs section of our site for more details of our current range.


  • Dog Walking

Dog walking sessions are available offering a door to door service with a kind and experienced walker from one of our close knit team. We will walk your dog in one of our chosen surrounding beauty spots or you the client can specify where you would like your dog walked. Most walks are in a pack of no more than 7 to two dog walkers allowing dogs to play together and socialise in a group - in their natural environment also allowing puppies to learn good behavior/practice from their older companions. Individual walks are available if requested. Contact us for more details.

Any dog, any size.

From £10.00 per hour.  


  • Puppy Training

Puppy training is the most important part of training - at these early stages it helps cement the bond between pup and handler. Doing this now makes the process of future training so much easier as you will not have to later retrain the dog due to mistraining earlier in its life. In this course we provide the foundations for obedience level 1 - including walking to heel, basic recall (come), sit, stay, wait and down. We then proceed to dog on dog socialisation and basic dog/human etiquette. This is all done on a short lead. Some hand signals are introduced along with tone of voice and body language to prepare your puppy for Obedience level 1. We do not just teach the puppy SWATT dogs can provide help and advice relating to grooming, housing, diet, exersize, training equipment and potential companions for your canine.

Starts from £20 per hour. (Offers available for block bookings)


  • Obedience

Starts with walking to heel, recall (come), sit, stay, wait and down - all at the end of a longer lead (2 metres) and then onto long lead and off the lead training. Moving onto training from a distance of 100 yards increasingly using hand signals and fading out voice commands. Then we move onto out of sight commands. All this training is around full distractions such as other dogs, horses and people. We also train your dog to be comfortable and safe around traffic and all manner of urban environments and scenarios.

  • Agility

An active is a happy dog and all can benefit from agility training. Whether young or old, whatever, the breed, for most agility is about socialising & exersize rather than competition. However, SWATT Dogs can cater for all with training including slalom, see-saw, a frame, bridge, jumps, hoops, rings and tunnels. Some obedience training (at least basic level) is required before a dog undertakes our agility training. The handler is responsible for the agility training with assistance from one of the SWATT Dogs team. It is essential that all dogs should be sociable and mussled if necesary as this is a group event and there can be in excess of 7 other dogs attending. This is part of the members only training.


  • Gun / Duck Dog

Basic Training (Timescale approx 4-6 wks)

1. Taught to sit.
2. Stays sat on being left.
3. Walk to heal on lead (labs).
4. Retrieves a thrown and seen object, usually a dummy.
5. Returns to master when called.

Part Trained (4-6 wks or 6-8 wks combined with Basic)

1. Sit on a whistle command as well as the spoken command.
2. Heelwork has developed to a stage where it will walk to heel off the lead.
3. Steady to a marked retrieve i.e. sits while dummy or ball thrown and retrieves only on command.
4. The basic hand signals and commands have started. i.e. those of ‘BACK’ and “GET OUT”, “LOST” and “LEFT” and “RIGHT” with a visual arm movement.
5. For spaniels, hunting training is under way. Turning on the whistle, stopping on the whistle and stopping after flush.
At this stage the gundogs are trained to retrieve from approximately 30-50 yards in bracken, stubble, or light cover.
All dogs are thoroughly assessed before moving on to next stage of training
These timescales are only approximate, all dogs train differently according to age, previous work and ability to adapt to new surroundings.

Half Trained (4-6 wks)

1. Takes the hand signals at short distances (20-30yds).
2. Can be sent for a blind retrieve, this is where the dog is told to get...
o get out or back for a retrieve that has not been seen or marked.
3.Has been introduced to water.

At this point we may introduce cold game, dependent on the dogs progress and maturity.


Three Quarter Trained

1. Retrieve cold game.
2. Retrieve from and across water, both still and running.
3. Being shot over with a shotgun.
4. The hand signals and backs have been pushed to and beyond 50 yards.

  • Behavior Therapy

Most problem behaviors are a produt of an imbalance somwhere else in a canines lifestyle. Have you had problems orreting this problem. SWATT Dogs can help. Our Trainers each have years of hands on experience in dealing with all types of dogs and situations.


  • Watch/Guard dog

All training is subject to a two hour consultation to ensure suitability of dog and handler to SWATT Dogs training methods and standards. Prices start at 2 hours for £50.


  • Watch Dog Training

The watch dog barks a warning to the handler to allow the handler to control the situation. To call the police or investigate the situation for themselves. This dog requires basic obedience, to control the barking. This course can be completed either in your home with your presence or at the SWATT Dogs training camp under professional guidance and supervision. Any dog that can bark can be a watch dog.

  • Guard Dog Training

The guard dog will complete the same basic training as the watch dog but with an extra sub course on intruder deterrent. The guard dog is there to confront and deter intruders. A guard dog needs to be a medium to large breed of dog with an intimidating persona if necessary. Smaller dogs can do this role but are often less effective.

There are three levels 1, 2 and 3 and an optional add on extra role play and scenario courses are avaialble

  • Personal Protection

The Threat Dog - Level 1

The level 1 dog is trained to show an aggressive display on command. This dog will lunge, show teeth, and bark aggressively at the end of the leash towards any aggressor who tries to approach once his "protect" command is given. Weapons, yelling, or other forms of intimidation will not cause this dog to back down. Although this dog will most likely bite if an aggressor physically challenged the dog, the level 1 dog is not specifically trained how to most effectively fight the aggressor or use his bite as is the level 2 dog. The level 1 dog's main purpose is as a deterrent (which is usually enough for most situations). The level one dog is ideal for any adult in any situation where they would like a companion with the ability to protect and defend. A Level one PP dog is more than capable of fulfilling the roles of a watch dog or a guard dog

Defense Dog- Level 2.

The level 2 dog will show the same aggressive display as the level 1 dog on command. However, this dog is much more capable than it's level one counterpart having gone through extensive additional training. This dog has been trained how to most effectively win a fight with aggressor or attacker on a separate command and are also taught to release and guard an attacker. This requires a lot of training and is not suitable for every person or situation please call SWATT Dogs to confirm your dogs suitability.

Executive Personal Protection Dog - Level 3

The level 3 dog is the most high intensity course we offer. It has all the training of the level 2 dog, but has the option of being able to be deployed off leash to pursue and capture a fleeing person or a threat from a distance. The "offense dog" is trained to use its body to knock down and hold onto a challenger even while wearing a muzzle. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance. They are able to defend against multiple attackers and varying scenarios such as a car jacking or hostage situation.



The sentry dog

Is any medium to large breed dog only tamed to one or two handlers. A sentry dog protects property and will confront any stranger with a degree of severity. We do not recommend these dogs to non professional situations our sentry dogs are only trained to order.