S.W.A.T.T stands for K9-Sports Work And Technical Training. We provide advanced training for both dog and handler, for both residential and security sectors. Membership available.

Whether you have a new puppy, a problem dog or are looking to buy a dog, SWATT DOGS can help you.

S.W.A.T.T is also used by our security division to stand for Security Work And Tactical Training. Swatt Security Services covers all aspects of Personal Protection, Close Protection and Security Work. Our operatives are SIA registers and DS, CP, NASDU and BIPDT trained where appropriate.

We specialise in medium to large size breeds (Molosser) But we love to train and so are happy to accept any dog into one of our programmes.

SWATT Dogs are a specialist Dog training and breeding team. We have a proven track record of breeding high quality working dogs and family guardians. We are proud to announce that we are the only official recommended UK breeder of Alano Espanol. We have been welcomed into the Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Alano Espanol.


When we breed our dogs we make top selections from working lines to ensure that our dogs will be reliable, loyal, intelligent and highly trainable. SWATT Dogs puppies that we decide to keep are introduced to one of our trainers and then enter into our intensive programme to ready them for resale into the working dog environment or as an advanced family companion.

Our service does not end at supplying you a family guardian/dog or puppy. SWATT Dogs offer a complete service from socialisation and exercise through to obedience and advanced obedience (See the training section for more details) - and for those dogs suitable advance your family companion to guard dog or even personal protection dog (we will assess all clients for suitability - We do not condone dog fighting, people who own dogs as a status symbols or dog mistreatment).

Check out the blog for our latest news and use our handy Doggy Data section for more information about the breeds we specialise in.


Sadly every breed has a need for a rescue and large breeds are no exception (we will help any dog in distress - we just specialise in large breeds). Large breeds are not dogs to be taken on lightly and require the correct handling, training and care. We at SWATT Dogs are committed to helping people re-home Molosser and other large breeds in the UK so they can live happily for the rest of their lives. There are many reasons dogs are re-homed as sometimes situations beyond anyone's control make it necessary for people to make the difficult decision to re-home their dog. Sometimes however, people purchase this breed for the wrong reasons and come to realise this breed is not suitable for them. In most situations, the breeders who sold these dogs will not help these people try and re-home the dog and people are left to re-home the dogs themselves. Please contact us for help and advice on re-homing your dog.


"I had the naughtiest staff cross and thanks to SWATT Dogs he no longer chews everything up and has stopped jumping up and barking. The socialisation lessons with Marley were great and made the training really enjoyable", Nat and Stacey. ig8 Essex.

"I purchased our family dog from SWATT Dogs and SWATT Dogs has been there to help all the way through. Their knowledge and skill handling dogs is unrivalled.", Garry E4